On Valentine’s Day—Or Any Other Day…


Thirumur David Kiran


Why should only one day be used

To show someone how much you care

To only express your deepest feelings

Once a year, is that even fair?

The mad scramble to buy that perfect card

Or those chocolates the advertisements advise

Those furry bears, roses, and scented candles

Scouring the stores for the perfect prize.

Is love truly to be found

In the gifts given on this day?

Or is it just a commercial festival

That has led us all astray?

What happens when the roses wilt and die

The candles melt, and bears go threadbare,

The chocolates digested and the cards trashed

Tell me, will the love still be there?

Or will it fade like the dust

That all of these things will soon turn

And leave you hurt and anguished

Over your broken heart that was spurned?

When I think of love in its true form

I see it in a very different hue

It is a living, moving and breathing thing

So different from how it’s currently viewed.

Love isn’t always confined to a spouse or a lover,

A significant other to love and hold dear;

Love is also found—and indeed owed as well

To the others around to whom we are near.

It can be found in the loving care of a father;

The enduring strength of a friend;

It’s in the support of a brother or sister;

The patience of a mother that knows no end.

And love need not always come in shiny packages

From stores; with an expensive price tag to bear

Indeed, the greatest gifts of love

Are the ones that we give unawares.

It is in the smiles of those who care for you

The warm hugs of those whom you are close

It’s both in the big and the seeming little things

Done by the one who notices these things the most

And since love can be found in the small and silly things

Why do we need to wait till Valentine’s Day,

To show our love to those for whom we feel it

Why let time and opportunities slip away?

Love need not be confined to one day alone

(Although there is no shame in that)

Yet, love should be something that is given daily

Not to be saved like a prized artifact.

If our love we save and keep on a shelf

The day may sadly arrive

That there remains no more recipients of our love

For they will have left our side

Don’t save up your precious gifts of love

For those few commercially designated days

Give love today, tomorrow, and forever

You will find that it always, always pays

And so this Valentine’s Day I charge to you

Do not allow yourself astray to be led

Give the gifts that will last eternally;

Save your pocket book; use your heart instead.

And repeat the process again tomorrow

And again the day after that too

And you will enjoy a life well lived

For in giving love, you will receive much love too!


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