Make a Wish 2015 = The Story of 1000 Elderly People who were Gifted a Merry Christmas!

Happy Weekend, Everyone! As you know, I was blessed to spend most of November and December participating in the “Make a Wish” project for 1000 elderly people across eight cities in southern India. Here is the video of the completed project. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all those of you who helped to make it possible!

* “Make a Wish” is a project that Family Services, Hyderabad  has been conducting for the Elderly around south India for the past five years. In brief, we ask the Elderly residents of the Home for the Aged to write what they wanted most for Christmas. We then get each of the Elderly their desired gifts and present it to them at a special Christmas party at their Home. Over the past five years, we’ve conducted the “Make a Wish” project in seven Elderly homes around India. This means that almost 2000 gifts have been distributed to the Elderly across the South of India!  See more about it here:



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