About Thirumur David Kiran

DKTThirumur David Kiran is a skilled and passionate Life Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Youth Training Expert, and Leadership Speaker.

David has been working from a very young age with people of all ages. Since childhood, his passion has been to make a difference in this world. A big influence in his life was his father, Thirumur Ramesh, who was involved with a number of charity and social projects around India. It was through seeing his father influence the lives of numerous Deaf, Elderly, and Underprivileged people on a daily basis that he came to realise that the best way to make a lasting difference on this planet was through helping people to transform their personal lives and grow into their potential.

When facing some troubled years as a teenager, David was given needed support from certain peers and mentors that believed in him and gave him the strength to pull through. Having emerged wiser and stronger from the difficulties, David has pledged to do the same for others. He determined at the beginning of his career that his focus in life would always be to help others overcome life’s difficulties and to grow into their God-given potential. As such, David has made it his life goal to help each person discover their personal greatness and purpose and live it every day of their lives.

He is immensely passionate about people and about making a difference in their lives. He firmly believes that every human being is designed for greatness. In his own words,

“It is my deep rooted belief that you are awesome. Yes, you—the person who is reading this—YOU are awesome! Stored up within your soul is potential that can change the world if it is only released. You have as much world-changing power within you as Albert Einstein, George Washington Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, and the hundreds of others that the world looks up to and admires. You have the potential within you to achieve your dreams, reach your goals, make a difference, and change this world.”

Over the past 10 years, David has worked with people of all ages across India, Europe, and the USA.

As a life coach, he has helped people around the world to discover their dreams and purposes in life and has worked with them to implement personal “success strategies” to achieve those goals and grow into greatness. Working under the label of “Direct Koaching,” his slogan is “Helping You Shine!” He’s happy to work behind the scenes in a person’s life so that they can shine in the way that they were destined to.

As a Social Entrepreneur, he has helped to conceptualise, plan, execute, and manage large scale projects for the Deaf, the Elderly, the Orphans and Street Children, and for the Underprivileged across India. He also has vast experience in project management and resource mobilisation for social endeavours.

As a Youth Training Expert, he teaches multiple seminars and workshops on moral compassing, personal development and empowerment, entrepreneurship, and excellence to a variety of audiences of a variety of ages. He is also a skilled instructional designer with a number of courses developed and published.

As a Leadership Speaker, he gives talks and speeches at events across the world. David is a skilled public speaker, stage performer, musician, comedian, and storyteller and he weaves all of these elements into his talks, seminars, workshops, and one-on-one counselling sessions.

Aside from work, David enjoys music, singing, sports, travelling, and meeting and getting to know new people. He takes great pleasure in getting to know new people and he’s always up for a friendly discussion or debate on any topic of interest.


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