Life is a Voyage…

This is of my favorite quotes of all time. In fact. I’ve made it a mantra of mine and I advise the people who attend my “Be the Hero” events to do the same. In life, we have no control over where we were born, the way we look, our family, the place we grew up, etc. But we have absolute control over our choices and ability to use these things to have a successful life. Just because you were “born this way” (apologies to Lady Gaga) doesn’t mean that you are forever fated to remain in those same circumstances. In a meeting with the legend Brain Tracy last week, I learned that 87% of all billionaires in the world today came from poor or low middle class families. Life isn’t always about the cards you’ve been dealt. It’s how you play with them that counts. A person doesn’t have to be a victim of their circumstances. You can use your unique situation to your advantage. Don’t know how? Write me today and I’ll help you do it! Happy Sunday!

Life is a Voyage.jpg


The Last of Human Freedoms

This quote really touched my heart in a deep and resounding way last year when I had the opportunity to visit the Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps in Poland (I took this photo there). Seeing the suffering and the torture that all those people underwent, and then reading the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” that was written by Victor Frankl who was incarcerated at Auschwitz for two years really helped to put my life and my own difficulties into perspective. I have since learned that adverse circumstances in my life cannot defeat me, for I have the power to choose my attitude towards any circumstance. I hope this thought transforms your life as well! Happy Thursday!

“The last of human freedoms is the freedom to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” – Victor Frankl


Freedom to Choose Ones Attitude

What Will You do With Your Future?

“The least helpful thing that you can do is to blame your past for your present and let it determine your future. The past is past. The question is: what are you going to do with your future?” — Thirumur David Kiran

What Are You Going to Do With Your Future (Mine)

The Only One Who Can Make Me Miserable…is ME!!!

“I have come to the amazing conclusion: the only one who can make me miserable is ME! True, the circumstances around me may be rough, but I have the freedom of choice and I can choose to either be miserable of happy. So, if I am going to take all of this effort to make the choice, I might as well make the right choice and be happy!” – Thirumur David Kiran

The Only One Who Can Make Me Miserable is Me (Mine)