Nepal Tour 2017 = Make a Difference Announcement

As you may know, I am going to be spending two weeks in April doing seminars and workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal. This will be my second speaking tour there, after November 2016.

Today, I wanted to announce one of my programs that I’ll be conducting there in Kathmandu. Titled “Make a Difference,” this two-day exclusive workshop will change your life and set you on the path towards becoming a leader and an achiever who stands out from the crowd, achieves their dreams, and leaves a legacy for others to follow.

This seminar includes brand new content that has never been used before, as well as some surprises that have been created exclusively for this learner group.

I’m excited for it and I know it’s going to be a wonderful time!

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Focus on the Best

Life is busy for everyone–even more so for those of us who are entrepreneurs and business owners/leaders. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the myriad of things to do on a daily basis that we lose sight of the bigger picture and the bigger goal. While most things on our “to-do” list are good things, if they are not the “best” things (ie: planning for the future and creating strategies for your success and making the decisions that only you as a leader can make), then it may be time to let them go or delegate them to others so that you can focus on the best that only you can do! Have a wonderful week ahead!

(PS: If you feel you could improve in this area and you’d like business or personal coaching, I’d be happy to work with you! Drop me a mail to my FB page and I will get in touch with you!)

Only Time for the Best (Mine)